The Art of Shalom

“Whoever believes in me,” declared Jesus, “has life.” The life Jesus spoke of is in the present tense. Very few Christians, however, are fully alive.

The Hebrew word “shalom” does not simply mean “peace” the way we use the word in English. To experience shalom is to experience the fullness of life the way God intends life to be lived. The life Jesus offers is a life of shalom.

The Art of Shalom compares ideas about abundant life throughout Scripture and provides practical suggestions for experiencing this life as a Christian today. This book is a call for the Church to come alive, to stop playing church games, and to refocus ourselves on Christ. The research, parables, stories, and practical suggestions presented in this book are designed to help individuals and the Church as a whole to experience the life Jesus offers.

As the Western world shifts into what some are labeling a “post- Christian” culture, experiencing shalom is increasingly difficult; yet this art is vital if the Church is to thrive in this new world.


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