Dungeon Sessions

Russ Wills, associate professor at Pillar College, created The Dungeon Sessions in response to the many people who desire to read and understand the Bible. The Dungeon Sessions explores the key ideas in the narrative of the Bible in a way that will help people who have never read the Bible, while also sharing insights for those who have been studying the Bible for years. All viewers can potentially know God more fully and find peace in life through this series.


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The Life God Wanted for Us (Creation, Part I)
Session 1

What did God want life to look like? 

Session 1
Throwing it All Away (Creation, Part II)
Session 2
Noah Gets Himself Wasted
Session 3

Noah gets himself wasted.

Q/A: The "Giants"
Session 3a

Responding to a question: Who were the "giants"? 

God's Blessing (Abraham Part I)
Session 4
At Long Last... (Abraham Part II)
Session 5
The Promised Child (Isaac)
Session 6
The Chosen Deceiver (Jacob Part I)
Session 7
Your Name Will Be Israel (Jacob Part II)
Session 8
Adventures of a Dysfunctional Family (Jacob Part III)
Session 9
Thriving in Egypt
Session 10
Slaves in Egypt
Session 11

The descendants of Abraham end up slaves in Egypt. Moses will rise up and deliver them - but first, he commits murder, runs away to escape punishment, and spends forty years in another country following sheep around the desert. 

Unleashing the Plagues
Session 12

Genesis, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, worldview, culture, family, Egypt, blessing, slavery, slave

Out of Bondage, Into the Wasteland
Session 13

After quite a bit of turmoil and drama, Moses leads the people out of slavery! Finally, they are free! 
Okay, they ran out of food, they have no water, they're in the middle of a desert, they're watching their loved-ones die of dehydration, and Moses is apparently dead... but they're free!

Still in the Desert
Session 14

The first generation to come out of Egypt is destined to wander around the desert until they die, but some interesting revelations are given along the way. 

40 Years Later...
Session 15

The first generation of the descendants of Israel died off in the desert. The next generation is getting ready to enter the land God promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (aka Israel).

Victory in the Promised Land
Session 16

Though he's terrified, Joshua leads God's people into the Promised Land. They do everything they are supposed to do, and live happily ever after. Right? 

Not so fast... [The rest of the story.]
Session 17

Okay, maybe the Israelites didn't quite do everything God asked. Most of it, but... Well, no, not even most of it.

From Bad to Atrocious
Session 18

God's people become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

A Glimmer of Hope from God's Toilet
Session 19

A girl from "God's Toilet" provides hope for Israel.

Like All the Other Nations
Session 20

Israel rejects the Lord as king and asks for a human king instead. 

Victory and Failure
Session 21

King Saul starts out pretty well, but he does not have the heart of a king and does not seem to understand the relationship the Lord wants with him. Oh, and he also seems a bit bipolar.

Man After God's Heart
Session 22

Once King Saul learns the identity of the "man after God's heart" who will replace him as king, he makes up his mind to assassinate him. Meanwhile, David shifts from embracing God's promise to make him king to running for his life. 

From the Palace to the Wilderness
Session 23

David went from working in the king's palace to hiding in caves. 

From the Wilderness to the Throne
Session 24
King David: The Murderer After God's Heart
Session 25

David is often considered the best king Israel has ever had in spite of murdering a man to cover up an adulterous affair with the man's wife. 

Your Neck Is Like the Tower of David
Session 26

Solomon becomes king after David. This week's session looks at some of the wisdom literature, including an erotic love poem.

From Wisdom to Civil War
Session 27

Solomon starts well, but his 1,000 wives turn him toward other gods. 
Solomon's son becomes king, and a crude comment starts a civil war. 

A Great Prophet Prays for Death
Session 28

Elijah enjoys a massive victory over the prophets, only to end up running for his life in terror. 

The Day of the Lord (Joel)
Session 29

What will the end of time look like? The prophet Joel may be among the first of the prophets to give us a glimpse. 

Oh, Lord, Kill Them All! (Jonah)
Session 30

One of God's greatest and most well-known prophets waits for the Lord to unleash his wrath against his enemies. And waits. And waits...

Isaiah - A Freaky Glimpse of Heaven
Session 31

This session introduces the prophet Isaiah, along with his scathing words for Israel and Judah as well as a pretty creepy vision of heaven. 

God Says, "Go Marry a Prostitute"
Session 32

God warns of judgment and tells one of his faithful prophets to violate his law.

Micah and Isaiah - Death, Destruction and a Hint of Hope
Session 33

God issues more warnings of judgment against his people.

Nahum and Zephaniah - Destruction of the Earth?
Session 34

The Lord will destroy the entire earth (in his mercy)?

Jeremiah - A Prophet Betrayed by God
Session 35

The prophet Jeremiah erupts in anger against God and accuses God of betraying and deceiving him.

Daniel - Serving God by Practicing the Occult
Session 36

Daniel and his three friends are deported from Judah to Babylon where they become the best in their field of study - the Occult. It's a bit like graduating with honors from Hogwarts!

Serving God with Little Toy Soldiers
Session 37

God warns the people of Judah by having his prophet play war. Oh, and God also told him to eat bread baked over human sh[censored]. 

The Promise of a New Covenant
Session 38

Jeremiah and Daniel provide hope for God's people.

Going Home
Session 39

The people struggle to rebuild after returning to their homeland. 

Risqué Salvation
Session 40

A young woman's skill in bed saves the Jewish people.

Waiting for the King
Session 41

This session takes time to review and set the stage for the coming of Jesus.

Jesus' Shady Family History
Session 42

Matthew goes out of his to point out the not-so-perfect people in Jesus' family line. 

We Lost God!
Session 43

Jesus was practicing to be a teen when he caused some very real panic for his parents!

Teaching the Fisherman to Fish
Session 44

After a long and unsuccessful night at work, a rabbi teaches a fisherman how to fish. 

Bad PR
Session 45

Starting a new ministry? Make sure you develop a strong brand and earn a positive reputation in the community. Unless you are Jesus. In that case, piss off as many important leaders as you can.

Shut Up!!!
Session 46

Jesus continues making enemies and isn't always as kind and gentle as people often think. He even has harsh words for the weather!

Too Late. Your Daughter Is Dead.
Session 47

An interruption from a desperate woman keeps Jesus from healing a dying girl in time. 

Making Dinner for 15,000
Session 48

Jesus tells his disciples to feed the equivalent of all the people in a professional sports arena. Twice.

Session 49

Many claim that Jesus is a great teacher. But what did he teach? He sounded pretty serious and literal when insisting that people eat human flesh! 

Session 50

Many view Jesus as a great teacher. In addition to cannibalism, one of Jesus' common teachings was, "I am God." The religious leaders tried to kill Jesus for committing the worst kind of blasphemy. 

Jesus the Drunk
Session 51

Why did the religious leaders accuse Jesus of being a drunk? 

The Violent Pacifist
Session 52

Meek and mild Jesus grabbed a weapon and drove people violently out of the temple. 

Jesus Breaks the Torah
Session 53

Jesus violates one of the most important laws in the Torah.

God is Dead
Session 54

The King of the Jews handed himself over to be executed instead of rising up against Rome and claiming the throne.

No, I Do Not Love You Jesus
Session 55

Jesus was tortured and executed, rose from the dead, appeared to his closest friends, and and in a profound theological moment, he asked, "Do you have anything to eat?"

Next, after betraying Jesus, Peter could not tell Jesus that he loved him. Instead of smiting him, Jesus told Peter to continue working for him.

When Do We Get to Destroy Rome?
Session 56

Jesus died and rose from the dead. Surely now he will smite all our enemies, right? Let's go kill us some Romans!

In the Name of Jesus
Session 57

"In the name of Jesus" is not a magic formula! 

Try some roasted centipede. It's delicious!
Session 58

Peter realized that his vision was not actually about food.

You're following Jesus- Great! Get me a knife...
Session 59

A debate erupts in the church about whether or not gentiles need to be circumcised. 

Your Faith Is Dead
Session 60

The early church slowly begins to understand the New Covenant.

Go Castrate Yourself!
Session 61

The Apostle Paul gets a bit crude while telling the believers in Galatia exactly what he thinks of the religious leaders who oppose him. 

Did We Miss the Return of Jesus?
Session 62

The people in Thessalonica are worried that Jesus returned and forgot about them. 

Sleeping with His Stepmom:
Progressive or Just Plain Gross?
Session 63

Paul unleashes his anger against the church in Corinth!

Paul Is Slightly Less Upset
Session 64

Paul has calmed down a bit since his first letter to the church in Corinth, but only a bit. 

The Kingdom of God Is Bigger than a Cheeseburger
Session 65

Paul explains the New Covenant in a brilliant letter to the church in Rome. 

Paul Preached Someone to Death
Session 66

Paul's sermon went a bit over his allotted time. There were casualties. 

The Runaway Slave
Session 67

Paul sent a brilliant letter to a slaveowner to protect and free a runaway slave.

Wives Be Subject to Your Husbands!
Session 68

This passage of Paul's letter to the Ephesian church is often misunderstood, taken out of context, and even abused. 

Honor that Failure of a Man - Philippians
Session 69

Paul instructed the Christians in Philippi to honor a man who failed at his mission instead of shaming him. 

Paul Is Hard to Understand
Session 70

This session covers an overview of the book of Hebrews.

The End and the Beginning
Session 71

The end is a new beginning. The Dungeon Sessions completes this journey through the Bible with an overview of the book of Revelation.